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Safe & effective bio-cleaning products for reducing environmental impact


    A$240.00 A$11.00 per Unit

    Simply place BLUE FLUSH™ inside the water closet and you can say goodbye to dirty, smelly toilets.

    Dosed automatically with every flush that cleans and freshens up to 60 days.

    Environmental-friendly BIOENZYMATIC action

    BLUE FLUSH™ works automatically with every flush, releasing a powerful biological cleaning formula that breaks down organic waste and a refreshing scent to last till the next flush. BLUE FLUSH™ eliminates the source of stains encrustations and malodours. At the same time, it keeps drains free-flowing and choke-free.

    All contents of BLUE FLUSH™ are biodegradable and environmentally‐friendly. BLUE FLUSH™ contains the same kind of bacteria blend that should be added to septic and sewerage systems.

    Standard Packing: 24 x 100g per carton


    A$240.00 A$11.00 per Unit

    • For clean, fresh-smelling and clog-free toilets.
    • With environmentally safe BIO-ENZYMATIC action,
    • BIO CLEAN automatically cleans the toilet with every flush.
    • BIO CLEAN is good for 3,150 flushes, which is at least 2 to 3 months for most usages. Refill when empty.
    • Helps clear pipe blockages from organic waste.
    • Cleans completely inside water closet and under the toilet rim.
    • Prevents bleeding of mosquitoes and larvae in stagnant water closet.
    • Ecological, reusable and refillable when empty.
    • It also reduces toilet cleaning requirements and does away with corrosive acid-base toilet cleaners or disinfectants.
    • Reliable as using Calfarme’s patented and proven dosing system.

    Standard Packing: 24 pieces per carton

  • CLEANBIO® All-in-one...

    A$100.00 A$5.50 per Unit

    A powerful biologically-based cleaning formula that cleans and eliminates odors and disease-causing bacteria on all clothes..

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Suitable for machine wash, hand wash and dry clean application.

    MACHINE WASH: Use 1 measurement capful for small load of washing and 2 measurement capful for larger load of washing

    HAND WASH: Pour 1 measurement capful for every 10 litres with preferably warm water.

    DRY CLEAN/ODORS: Dilute 1 measurement cap up to 1,000ml with water in a sprayer bottle.

    Non-Toxic to humans or animals and all contents are biodegradable.

    Contains plant-based surfactant with biological active ingredients and fragrance.

    CAUTION: Do not mix with bleach products, sanitizers and fabric softener.

    Standard Packing: 12 X 1,000 ml per carton


    A$180.00 A$16.50 per Unit

    Spray BIOCLEANTM 200 into atmosphere bring lasting freshness to every room.

    BIOCLEANTM 200 with bio-organic natural fragrances eliminates obnoxious odour and disease-causing bacteria, smoke odour, cooking odour, refuse odour, pets odour, and body odour thus leave room smelling fresh and clean that lingers for hours.

    Perfect for housekeeping after routine cleaning, general deodorizing of kitchen, rubbish chute, closets and storage lockers, toilet bowls.

    Standard Packing: 24 x 200 ml per carton


    A$180.00 A$16.50 per Unit

    A safe, one-step system to clean all surfaces and eliminate the source of unwanted odours and disease-causing bacteria. It acts on organic waste, clears drain pipes and cleans toilet, floor and other surfaces, carpets, sofa, fabrics, clothes, kitchen stove, table top, glass/window, appliances through spray method and brushes or by mop.

    Spray uniformly on surfaces, particularly on areas where contaminations can occur. For best results, spray on and leave overnight. NEUTRAL pH will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces.

    REFILLABLE: dilute one BIOPLUS® 25 ml Concentrate Sachet with 500 ml water. (dilute 1:20 parts with water)

    Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic and Guaranteed Non-Pathogenic strains. ALL NATURAL!

    Standard Packing: 12 X 500ml per carton.

  • BioPlus® Concentrated...


    REFILLABLE: Dilute one BIOPLUS® 25 ml Concentrate Sachet with 500 ml water. (dilute 1:20 parts with water)

    Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic and Guaranteed Non-Pathogenic strains. ALL NATURAL!

    Standard Packing: 40 x 25ml sachets per bag/6 bags per carton (240 x 25ml sachets).